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Vettec and Kerckhaert join forces

Released at - January 5, 2021
Dear partner As of December 23. 2020 Kerckhaert became the new proud owner of the Vettec® product line, the producer of glues and materials for hoof repairs. With this acquirement we want to guarantee you, as our customer, the best product offer in the market. Read More...

Vettec Introduces New Cartridge System for Equine Adhesive Materials

Released at - December 21, 2019
210cc cartridge system holds 30% more adhesive material for universal hoof support Read More...

Consistency is Key with Hoof Hydration

Released at - November 22, 2019
The hooves lie at the base of a horse’s entire body, which means hoof health affects the overall well-being of a horse. When it comes to keeping hooves healthy, hoof hydration, and transitioning between wet and dry ground surfaces, is one of the biggest problems. Read More...

Trimming Tips in Extreme Weather Conditions

Released at - November 22, 2019
Whether it’s 100 degrees Fahrenheit and humid in Texas, or minus 10 in North Dakota, extreme temperatures affect how people take care of themselves. Read More...

Thin Soles and Over Trimming: They Go Hand in Hand

Released at - November 21, 2019
The sole on a cow’s claw protects it from outside harm, similar to the sole of a shoe on a human foot. Having thin soles is similar to wearing thin or worn shoe soles in that the feet are more vulnerable to ground surfaces when they lack that extra layer of protection. Read More...

Avoid Dairy Farm’s Worst Nightmare: Laminitis

Released at - November 21, 2019
There’s nothing more important to a dairy farmer than to keep milk production booming, which requires them to pay attention to anything that could possibly impede uptime. Laminitis, or founder, is one of the biggest obstacles farmers can face with their animals. Read More...

In Case You Missed It: 2019 World Dairy Expo Recap

Released at - November 7, 2019
The annual World Dairy Expo hit Wisconsin last month, where more than 800 companies and tens of thousands of attendees gathered to learn how to contribute to the success of the dairy industry. Bovi-Bond experts were there to educate guests on the latest technology and products. Read More...

Using Vettec 210cc Dispensing System

Released at - October 24, 2019

Exciting Vettec Cartridge Relaunch

Released at - October 24, 2019
We are thrilled to announce that we have re-engineered Vettec materials with advanced chemistry and have packaged them in  larger, industry-standard, 210cc cartridges. Read More...

New Bovi-Bond Cartridge from Vettec Holds 30% More Adhesive Material for Dairy Cows

Released at - October 7, 2019
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   New Bovi-Bond Cartridge from Vettec Holds 30% More Adhesive Material for Dairy Cows Read More...

Where Practice Meets Science: Bovi Bond Symposium LEIPZIG 2019

Released at - October 7, 2019
Vettec will host a bovine hoof care symposium in Leipzig, Germany October 10-12 at the Institute of Veterinary Anatomy. You’ll learn everything there is to know about hoof anatomy, welfare, trimming and blocking from some of the most qualified experts. Read More...

When in Doubt, Stretch it Out: How to Avoid Joint Pain in Horses

Released at - August 5, 2019
It's summertime, and horse owners are taking more weekend trail rides. With horses getting extra hours of physical activity on the weekends, the sudden stillness during the week can take a toll on their bodies, and can result in joint pain. Read More...