October 07, 2019

New Bovi-Bond Cartridge from Vettec Holds 30% More Adhesive Material for Dairy Cows



New Bovi-Bond Cartridge from Vettec Holds 30% More Adhesive Material for Dairy Cows

Orange, Calif. – Oct. 1, 2019 – Vettec, Inc. has introduced a new cartridge system for its Bovi-BondTM block adhesive that has 30% more urethane adhesive per cartridge so dairy farmers can block more cows in less time. The new 210cc cartridge includes larger dispensing ports and a lock-proof tip to keep the adhesive flowing during application, and an airtight capping mechanism to maintain its shelf-life when not in use.

“The Bovi-Bond 210cc cartridge contains industry-leading volume with 30% more material than the previous packaging,” says Lesley Dixson, Vettec Sales Manager. “With more volume per tube, dairy farmers receive more materials for their money.”

The new cartridge features an easy-to-use, twist-off cap that eliminates the need to use an additional tool to open the cartridge before putting the mix tip on. This minimizes clogged ports and facilitates a continuous flow within the cartridge. The lock-in collar keeps the mix tip in place and prevents material backflow, so more product ends up on the claw, not stuck in the package. The airtight cap extends into the cartridge to ensure equal flow from both tubes. The durable tube design features larger openings to mitigate material from back pressure that damages the seams of the cartridges.

“Whether a dairy farmer utilizes blocking techniques as part of a treatment plan or for preventative measures, the new cartridge delivers the quality and quantity dairy farmers need to keep cows on their feet and maintain optimal milk production,” says Dixson.

Vettec offers a complete range of Bovi-Bond hoof-care products, including blocks and adhesives for dairy cows. Bovi-Bond is a fast-setting urethane adhesive used to bond wood or rubber blocks to bovine hoofs. With a 30-second set time, Bovi-Bond secures a block to a cow’s healthy claw, elevating and restricting an affected claw for a comfortable and fast recovery.

The new cartridge works with the 210cc accessories that are available from Vettec including dispensing guns, mix tips and cartridge caps.

For more information about the 210cc cartridge system, contact a Vettec dealer near you or visit www.vettec.com/en-us/bovi-bond-210cc-adhesive.

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Vettec, based in Orange, Calif., has been developing and manufacturing products since 1952. For more than 20 years, Vettec has been developing innovative adhesive products for the veterinary industry. Vettec adhesives are high-tech and durable, yet easy to apply and fast to dry. For more information about Vettec and its products visit www.vettec.com.


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